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Overview about Divergence University

Divergence University - The Idea

The idea to create the Divergence University Home Study Course edition came across my mind when I was on my way back home from teaching my last seminar in Hungary.

The feedback I received from my students was the reason for the smile that I had on my face from ear to ear which lasted the entire flight.

Divergence trading methods are not something that is trivial to learn. In fact it is quite tricky, and many traders believe its benefits and accuracy is a myth.

It took me awhile to get it myself, but once I did, I never looked back. During the years I was successfully using divergences to trade, I took it many steps further and perfected my own ways of identifying and using divergences.

Today I can conclude that in order to learn how to trade divergences, you MUST learn it in a certain step by step formula. By now I have proven the formula and perfected the ways to teach it so that traders can understand and use it it properly.

The fact that all of my students from the Hungarian seminar were mostly non-English speaking, they still managed to properly understand the Divergence methods and strategies I taught them, is undisputable proof for me. (FYI: I don't speak Hungarian. My former student and now colleague, Laszlo Hun, did the translation during the seminar)

In fact, in the last day of the seminar, I held a Live Trading Room with both the seminar participants sitting with me in the room, and my signals club members around the world watching everything online.

My students applied the strategies I taught them and they did it with great success.

One of the participants who used their real money accounts, was happy to show the $1200 profit she made that day by following the trade I recommended live. I was blown away with joy :-)

Is it also for Beginners?

Short answer is: Yes. When someone graduates from the Divergence University, he or she have the tools and knowledge of a pro trader. But to start they need to have at least an understanding of Forex and trading basics. For those who don’t have any prior knowledge or experience of financial market, there is a special (optional) course in Divergence University that covers it thoroughly.

What I do in my live seminars, is hold a preliminary 1 day of Forex basics that beginners can attend in order to be able to study the rest of the seminar, which has only advanced content. This formula works great and that’s also what I do in my Divergence University course.

In Divergence University, the beginner course is an optional package offered for $150 and as an affiliate, you are getting your 40% commission for it as well.

Unique Platform

In order to follow my seminars curriculum, I have asked from my tech team to build for me a unique teaching platform that will include progressive video lessons, alongside practices, quizzes and exams. Also there is a social discussion area for each lesson, so that students can communicate and learn from each other (social learning).

There are 3 tracks the student can choose from:

1. Video Sequence track: each of the video lessons gets automatically opened and accessible after a predefined period of time.

2. Quiz track: each lesson opens only when the student has passed the previous lesson’s quiz.

3. Combination track: a combination of tracks 1 and 2, which means you get access to each lesson after a set period of time, or alternatively when you have successfully taken the quiz for the previous lesson.

The End Result for Students

The goal is to apply everything learned to real trading where money is involved. Therefore, obviously my intention is definitely not to flunk a student but rather to make sure he/she will understand the course.

Whether the student is a beginner or advanced trader, the end result is becoming an independent professional trader who understands how the market works, and surely knows how to spot and apply everything he was taught in the course.

Affiliates who promoted my products before, know that I am always over-delivering time after time. I think that this time, I have even taken it a step further. This course will continue to function in the future, way after the launch period. By now you probably realize this is not an ordinary Forex product or course.

This brings me now to the special pre launch plan that I have prepared for you, my loyal affiliate. This is going to be huge, exciting and very profitable!

The Pre Launch Plan

The way a conventional Forex pre launch goes is that you, the affiliate, are sending direct traffic to a landing page where the vendor prepares in advance freebies and gifts, allegedly to 'warm up the leads for you.'

I believe this well-known plan is far from perfect, and I want to be different, so I came up with a plan which I like to call - "Hitting Two Targets With One Stone."

I have prepared 4 pre launch emails and I want to focus now with you on the 2nd and the 3rd emails. The rest of the pre launch emails are also with great value as you will soon see below in a few moments.

The gift I am going to give on the second and third day of the pre launch is: 1 month free access to 2 signals services: both my Forex Signals & Mentoring service and Abe’s Forex Signals service!

Those affiliates who promoted Abe’s service when it was launched already know that my team and I helped Abe to build up his business.

You're probably asking yourself how is it different from anyone else who collects leads during pre launch?

First of all, you will GET COMMISSIONS for all resulting sales of these two signals services. Yes, that’s right!

I will tell you how. As opposed to many vendors, when they are launching a new product I feel uncomfortable to collect the leads. I also don't see much value in them anyway. Those are freebie leads, not buyers so we all know their real value.

Thus, I have asked my programmers to make sure that for any person who gets my free 1 month offer, they keep the referral ID and before the free month is over, the client will get an email notifying them about the end of their trial period and offer to join the service.

If such a transaction takes place, you the affiliate who brought that member will be credited your recurring monthly commission as if you promoted those services in the first place. I hope you understand the integrity and fairness of what I am doing.

To accommodate the Divergence University special needs and the pre launch plan I have just described, we needed to open our own affiliate program which we named: 'Top Forex Affiliates.'

The Top Forex Affiliates program pays 40% to any referral and future sale infinitely. This means that if you refer a potential customer to us, and he enrolls to our course, and if they buy another product through our affiliate program within a year or even 3 years... You will be getting paid on all of these sales. We also offer a generous 10% Second Tier affiliate commission where you make money on the sales of other affiliates that you refer to us.

Below you will find all the information you need to join the program and promote my Divergence University #1 Home Study Course.

Important Dates

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Below are dates for the pre launch period which will start 11th of October and will last until the 20th. During this period, we will provide your followers with great gifts as well as valuable information about Divergence and the University. That's why it is highly recommended not to miss any email swipe.

Date Email Swipe Email Content Description Download Swipe (.txt)
11th of October 1st Pre launch email

Recently I have delivered a 1 day Live Training Marathon about a strategy I named as 'SELL THE RALLY – BUY THE VALLEY!' which was a huge success. To establish my mentoring abilities I have decided to grant FREE access on the first day of my pre launch. To learn more about this strategy CLICK HERE

13th of October 2nd Pre launch email In this email we establish Vladimir’s social proofs and provide a unique and truly valuable gift: 1 month free subscription for Vladimir’s Forex Signals & Mentoring service. You will be later credited monthly recurring commissions for each member that signs for the service! Download
14th of October 3rd Pre launch email In this email we will provide a bonus of 1 month free subscription to Abe's Forex Signals & Automation value at $97. You will also be  credited monthly recurring commissions for each member that signs for this service! Download
15th of October 4th Pre launch email In this last pre launch email. I am going to present my Divergence University course via a video I have prepared. This is a very important pre launch email and I am not going to ask for any names and emails in order to watch this video. Download
16th of October Launch Day email I will provide 2 email formats for you to choose from. I do recommend to write your own emails and you can use the information in this page and the information in the email to write your own swipes. Download Email #1
Download Email #2
17th of October Post launch email #1 This email will contain another push message. Download
19th of October Post launch email #2 This email will contain a final push message. I do believe that the Divergence University course should have been sold at a higher price tag and I do intend to increase the price after the launch so this is probably what this email message will contain. Download

Email Swipes

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Email Swipe for Pre launch day #1 | To be sent on the 11th of October 9:00 EST

Email Swipe for Pre launch day #2 | To be sent on the 13th of October 9:00 EST

Email Swipe for Pre launch day #3 | To be sent on the 14th of October 9:00 EST

Email Swipe for Pre launch day #4 | To be sent on the 151th of October 9:00 EST

Email Swipe for Launch day (Format #1) | To be sent on the 16th of October 9:00 EST

Email Swipe for Launch day (Format #2) | To be sent on the 16th of October 9:00 EST

Email Swipe for Post launch day | To be sent on the 17th of October

Email Swipe for Post launch day | To be sent on the 19th of October


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