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Professional forex traders agree on one thing: divergence trading works. To become a master of the FX market and consistently make money, your first step is to master divergence trading. When you enroll in Divergence University, you will be a a money-making machine by the time you graduate.

“ My team and I have netted over 18,000 pips since June 2011.”

-Vladimir Ribakov

"I always thought university is not for me. What I didn't take into account is how Vladimir is a unique trader and mentor personality. Suits me perfectly!”

Roger T, US

"If you really want to succeed in trading this is a MUST HAVE course for you. No Fluff no Guff program. I have tried so many forex courses in the past, this one rocks"

Hans W, Germany

"I was still a newbie just a few weeks ago and was anxious to take this program. I must confess, I really feel now I have the confidence and skills to take action"

Roland, Netherlands
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Divergence University at a Glance

  • 6 Unique Courses on FX trading
  • Over 25 Hours of HD Video Trading Tutorials
  • Self-exams and Practice Trading Examples Throughout the Course
  • Ability to Complete the Course at Your Pace, Whenever and Wherever
  • Customized and Unique Divergence Trading Tools You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
  • Fully Compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android
  • Around 1 hour/day Time Commitment and Fully Adaptable to Fit Your Schedule

Don’t wait for packages in the mail and deal with dozens of DVDs with other trading education programs. Divergence University is proud to be 100% online! You can access everything from anywhere at anytime.

Why is Everyone Buzzing About the Forex Market?

The forex market, also commonly referred to as the foreign exchange market, is the largest market in the entire world. It’s open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and trades well over over $5 billion every single day.

So what does this mean for the average aspiring FX trader?

With a market that is so big and so liquid, it means there is a lot of room for all sorts of traders to take a small slice of the pie and make money every day. Moreover, forex trading offers more leverage than traditional equity trading.

This means only the FX market provides the opportunity to turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money.

Of course, you need to know what you’re doing. That’s where divergence university comes in. We take a top-to-bottom approach that teaches traders how to become profitable and stay profitable in all market conditions.

Why Should I Enroll in Divergence University?

Think of it this way. If you wanted to become a petroleum engineer tomorrow, would you know what you’re doing? Would you know how to mix elements to create hydrocarbons? Probably not!

If you didn’t attend university, how would you know how to do such things? You can’t expect to be an expert in something overnight. So why is the forex market any different?

Simply put, it’s not. The only difference between other careers and FX trading is that just about anybody can open up a trading account overnight and start placing trades.

If you are serious about making money in the FX market, you need to know everything humanly possible about it! This is why you NEED to enroll in Divergence University. We teach you trading skills and techniques that work, plain and simple. Not only will you have an edge over the rest of the market, but you will learn valuable trading skills that you will have for your entire life.

What You Will Find in Divergence University

Perhaps the first thing you will notice is that Divergence University is not promising profitable trades like some unscrupulous trading subscription software.

NEWS ALERT: Absolutely nobody, not even George Soros, is right on 100% of his trades.

All trading methods and software that promise guaranteed wins are a scam. This is NOT what Divergence University is. Our one and only goal is to provide our students with every possible tool they need to succeed in the markets. And our graduate reviews prove we do just that.

Although nobody can be profitable 100% of the time, if your trades are sized correctly, all you need to do is win more than 51% of the time and you will make money. Some of the most successful traders in history only have winning rates of around 60%.

So you won’t find any magical method to turn you into a forex trading millionaire overnight at Divergence University. That doesn’t exist, and if someone tells you it does, they’re lying. However, what you will find at DU is a series of easy to understand courses that will give you the best possible chance of succeeding in the forex market. That, we can guarantee.

Vladimir Ribakov

About Your Instructor, Vladimir Ribakov

With over 11 years of professional forex trading history, Vladimir is no stranger to the currency markets. You may be familiar with his infamous introduction to the markets, where he lost $10,000 of his parents money. But it was that initial failure that drove him to become on of the most successful traders on the planet.

Although he has traded large accounts for hedge funds and brokerages, he loves the simplicity of trading in his personal account. And when he’s not trading for himself and his investors, he takes great pride in instructing hundreds of students every month and enabling them to reach their personal trading goals.

Vladimir’s contribution to the forex community is twofold: trading systems and tools on one hand, and comprehensive education and mentoring for aspiring traders on the other hand. Because he has had so much success on both of these fronts, Vladimir began sharing his knowledge and prowess in the form of in-person seminars all over the world.

Currently, Vladimir gives forex trading seminars about four times per year. However, giving 4-day-long seminars around the world is not only time-consuming, but it simply cannot reach the same amount of students as an online class.

The amount of supportive feedback Vladimir and his team received from participants in the seminars prompted him to start Divergence University and make his seminars available to virtually everyone in the world. It may sound cliché, but Vladimir has admitted he doesn’t run Divergence University for the money. Obviously, there are overhead and administrative costs, so that’s why the course is not free/has a sponsorship program, but the aim of Divergence University is to give traders the tools they need to be successful in the market. He runs DU because he genuinely wants to give others the ability to discover true financial freedom.

Divergence University Curriculum & Courses

  • Intro: Forex Beginners Course (optional, available as an additional course)
  • Part 1: Mastering Divergence Trading Basics
  • Part 2: Learning About Hidden and Extreme Divergences
  • Part 3: Trading Secrets
  • Part 4: Determining Your Trading Style
  • Part 5: Putting it All Together

Intro: Forex Beginners Course The FX beginners course is structured as follows:

This course is optional but highly recommended for students who have either never traded before or have limited knowledge of the markets.

  • Lesson #1
  • Lesson #2
  • Lesson #3
  • Lesson #4
  • Lesson #5

Part 1: Mastering Divergence Trading Basics

In part 1, you will learn all of the fundamentals behind divergence trading. You’ll learn what divergence trading is, how to properly apply it, and you will see practical trade examples.

  • Lesson #1
  • Lesson #2
  • Lesson #3
  • Lesson #4
  • Lesson #5
  • Lesson #6

Part 2: Learning About Hidden and Extreme Divergences

Part 2 teaches you how and when to trade with the trend, but you will also learn how to trade against the trend. Traders find this is one of our most insightful courses.

  • Lesson #1
  • Lesson #2
  • Lesson #3
  • Lesson #4
  • Lesson #5

Part 3: Trading Secrets

In part 3, you’ll learn some of Vladimir’s favorite technical analysis tools that are responsible for his trading success. You’ll learn about Bollinger Bands Duplication, Fibonacci Divergence, and more.

  • Lesson #1
  • Lesson #2
  • Lesson #3
  • Lesson #4
  • Lesson #5
  • Lesson #6

Part 4: Determining Your Trading Style

Every trader has a unique style. Vladimir’s prefered trading style is relaxed and stress-free. This course will help you find and harness the trading and lifestyle techniques that work for you.

  • Lesson #1
  • Lesson #2
  • Lesson #3
  • Lesson #4
  • Lesson #5

Part 5: Putting it All Together

This is where it all comes together. By the end of part 5, you’ll know everything Vladimir knows. Find out how to properly manage accounts, control your emotions, and discover what it means to really be a professional trader.

  • Lesson #1
  • Lesson #2
  • Lesson #3
  • Lesson #4
  • Lesson #5
  • Lesson #5

What Graduates of Divergence University Have to Say

Divergence University offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 60-day money-back guarantee. And if you sign up with one of our preferred brokers, Divergence University is totally free to sign up for! We believe this is one of the many reasons why everyone loves Divergence University. But don’t take our word for it. Read what recent graduates have to say.


Is Divergence University for complete beginners or advanced traders?

Divergence University is for everyone! If you are new to the market, you can take our Beginners Course that will quickly and efficiently bring you up to speed. If you’re already an advanced trader, you can skip our introductory course and jump right into the fun stuff!

How can I access the course material?

All our courses are available 100% online and are supported on multiple devices. You can freely use your iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or laptop to complete courses at Divergence University.

If I joined late, did I miss anything?

No, not at all. Every course starts when you login online. You can always work at your own pace on your own schedule. There are never any specific dates you need to be online.

What If I don’t pass the quizzes or exams?

Our lessons and courses are designed to give you the best education possible and pass every exam with flying colors. However, if you do not pass a quiz or exam, you can retake it until you do.

I’m fairly new to trading, but I have a little experience. Will I find the course too difficult?

Absolutely not! Reviews from our students and graduates demonstrate how easy and straightforward our courses are at Divergence University. We make sure each lesson covers all of the important topics and doesn’t move too fast.

Is there additional support at Divergence University? What do I do if I have a question or need help?

We have a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions and concerns about the course. If you are enrolled in the course, you can always email Vladimir directly and he will be more than happy to answer your trading questions. Personal contact details will be provided upon enrolment.



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